Green Quartz Palm Stones for heart balance & healing

$ 15.00

Green quartz works to align and balance the heart chakra and communicate the desires and needs of the heart to the mind. Green quartz promotes prosperity, growth, and abundant experiences. It can cause opportunities to arise that are in our best interest. It encourages a sense of wholeness and well being. It works to heal a variety of ailments in the body and restore balance physically and emotionally. 

Palm stones are a favorite for meditation because they are easy to hold and carry, and have a comfortable shape, finish, and weight. 

This listing is for 1 green quartz palm stone. Approximately 2 1/4" in length.


Chakra: 4th, Heart Chakra

We intuitively choose your stone(s) for you with care. Please note, this is a natural specimen and size, color, shape, and texture may vary.

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