Milk Rose Macaron Candle

$ 15.00

Bring home a this luxuriously cute, rose fragranced candle to invite balance, healing, love, and protection into your home.

Rose fragrance is known to bring our consciousness closer to our guardian angels and is excellent for any angel work. It is also associated with Venus and feminine energy. Use the soft and gentle rose fragrance to call in unconditional love, harmony and comfort.

Marshmallow is associated with the water element, Venus, feminine energy, and the astrological signs Cancer and Libra. It is also a spiritually cleansing and protective herb that can be used when working in the astral realm.

Amber is an inspiring and mysterious scent that reminds us of the circular nature of life and existence itself, keeping us grounded and in touch with where we came from and where we are going.


  • Burn time is approximately 80 hours
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Marshmallow Milk
  • White Copali Amber 

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