The moon will be new this Wednesday December 7 in the airy sign of Gemini at 10:08 pm CST.  New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  For this particular lunation the sun will be at 16 degrees Sagittarius while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Gemini at 16 degrees.  Full moons can be intense because they bring situations to a head or to completion.  We can feel vulnerable or exposed during a full moon because they can illuminate what was once hidden. 

Keywords associated with a Gemini full moon:  communication, trickery, learning, versatility, information, curiosity, cunning, instigation, contradiction, siblings, pettiness, short trips and neighborhood.  Look over these keywords and notice the ones that stand out to you.  Can you make a connection between some of the keywords and the current state of affairs in your life.

The body and Gemini:  Lungs, arms, shoulders and the respiratory system are linked to Gemini.  Do any of these areas of your body need special care right now? 

Numerology:  In numerology the number 5 is linked to Gemini while Sagittarius (current sun sign) is associated with the number 3.  Giving added significance to the number 3 is Gemini’s natural rulership over the astrological 3rdHouse.  Are either or both of these numbers playing a significant role in your life right now? 

The four elements:  Each of the 12 astrological signs belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water.  Gemini belongs to the air element meaning communication, socializing, analysis and thinking take center stage.  All this cerebral energy is great when we need to take in information or learn something new but it can just as easily make us feel scattered and ungrounded and when this happens fear gets the upper hand in our minds.  We can take a situation from our past or present and replay it over and over in our minds terrorizing ourselves and sinking into fear, regret and self-criticism.  In fact, the tarot card associated with this full moon, the Nine of Swords, is titled Cruelty in the Thoth Tarot deck.  So, one of the first things we can do during a Gemini full moon is release our negative thinking.  Adding fuel to the fire is Mars’ conjunction to the full moon meaning Mars will be in the exact same sign at the exact same degree of the full moon.  In Roman mythology Mars was the god of war and in astrology Mars represents how we do anger and our ability to defend ourselves.   Are there any circumstances in your life where you feel victimized and tortured?  Are you confronting the issue head-on are or are you becoming passive-aggressive meaning you don’t express your anger in a direct way.   It may be time to do some mental and emotional housekeeping during this full moon.  Good crystals and stones to work with during this lunation would be hematite because it has a grounding effect on us and fluorite which helps us with disordered and chaotic thinking. 

Modalities:  Each of the 12 astrological signs belongs to one of the three modalities; cardinal, fixed or mutable and both Gemini and Sagittarius (sun sign) belong to the mutable modality meaning flexibility and adaptability play an important role in this full moon.  Mutable energy doesn’t get locked into a definite position but allows different views of a situation.  If a particular solution isn’t working mutable energy looks for another solution or another one after that.  Our strength during this full moon will be our ability to remain flexible, adaptable and open to alternate solutions.  Amazonite and chrysocolla would be great stones to work with if you are dealing with fear of change. 

Mercury and the full moon in Gemini:  Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, is the ruling planet of Gemini moves into the earthy sign of Capricorn the day before the full moon.  Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th astrological house, the area of the zodiac wheel that deals with our career and public recognition.  Some of us may get a new job offer or possibly a promotion during this full moon or maybe you have hit a wall in your career and you know it’s time to spread your wings and look for something else.  Citrine would be a good stone to work with if you’re looking for a new job or new position because it’s the manifesting and law of attraction crystal.  If you need to speak to a boss about your current work situation or you want to see what new job might be out there for you, it would be best to do that before December 29 when Mercury goes retrograde.  Since Mercury rules the spoken and written word what we say, the words we use will carry extra power behind them at this time.  In most metaphysical spiritual circles the words we speak create our reality.  What have you been thinking about?  What are you thinking right now?  Do you want those thoughts to manifest in physical reality? 

Everyone have a great full moon and we hope to see you soon in the store.

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Blog image courtesy Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

December 06, 2022