Best Gifts for Friendly and optimistic Sagittarius 

Sagittarius season is here and lasts from November 20 - December 22 2022.

A Sagittarius sun sign is ruled by Jupiter, the luckiest planet of them all. That is why they are so wildly optimistic. Sagittarius is freedom seeking, adventurous and full of boundless energy. They are fun to hang out with and have a great sense of humor.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is spontaneous, loves to travel, and be on the go. They hate to be bored. Any gift that will shake up their routine, give them something new to try, or something to explore in a new way is a perfect fit. Think of a new piece of wall art to change their interior or an exotic candle to remind them of far-away places.

Or give your Sagittarius books, lots of books. Sagittarians loves to learn. They are really quite philosophical. That’s why you can’t go wrong with any book that explores another culture or a new way of thinking. Gift them a journal so they can jot down their dreams for the future, travel plans, or spiritual insights

Sagittarians are all about the great outdoors and love nature. Crystals, plants, anything to connect them with nature will make a great gift.

Their symbol, the Archer, is part horse, which appeals to their wanderlust nature. Gifting a horse spirit animal will bring a smile to any Sagi face. Or pick out something with a cosmic theme as they always shoot for the stars.

The archer’s best power stones are Turquoise and Blue Topaz. Vibrant Blue Topaz brings joy, generosity, and all good things into Sagittarius’ life. Blue Topaz supports the attainment of goals and brings light to your inner truth.

Turquoise offers protection for the Sagittarian’s many journeys and attunes you to your spiritual journey. A good throat chakra stone, Turquoise releases old vows and inhibitions, allowing your true soul to express itself.

Best scents for Sagittarius are bergamot, lemon, and rosemary. Any citrus scent or clean uplifting scent is good for them. These scents are cleansing, like a little bit of sunshine, which matches this fire sign’s optimistic nature.

Sagittarians are casual and fun. Any event with them will feel like a party. Keep them happy with a get-together full of friends and games. Everyone will have a good time and they are sure to enjoy a thoughtful gift to match their sun sign

Our top 12 handpicked gifts that Sagittarius will love:

Sunshine and Turquoise Suncatcher for the Window
Sunshine and Turquoise Suncatcher for the Window
Catch the sunlight and transform it into rainbows that spread joy. This brass suncatcher appeals to a Sagittarian’s sunny nature.
Wandering Star Tarot
Wandering Star Tarot
This mystical, magical, healing tarot deck guides your archer to sharpen their intuition and reconnect with their powerful light and wisdom.
Goji Tarocca Orange Macaron CandleGoji Tarocca Orange Macaron Candle
Citrus scents are best for Sagittarius. This pretty little candle with notes of goji berry, ripe mango, and tarocco orange will instantly lift this fire sign’s spirits.
Sagittarius SoapSagittarius Soap
Wondering white tea scented soap – perfect for this wanderlust sun sign.

Dancing Queen Bath BombDancing Queen Bath Bomb
Give this fire sign a little self-care after a night of parties.

Travelers White Sage Smudging KitTravelers White Sage Smudging Kit
A perfect kit for the Sagi on the go. This smudge package is all-inclusive and comes with everything you need to cleanse, purify, and create sacred space wherever you may be.

Sagittarius Pencil KitSagittarius Astrology Pencil Kit
Whether it’s for writing, drawing, or taking notes, this set offers any Sagittarian sage advice on each pencil.

I Can Do It Affirmation CalendarI Can Do It Affirmation Calendar
Every day of the new year is an opportunity for the eager Sagittarian. Find inspiration, motivation, and peace with daily affirmations by beloved spiritual author Louise Hay in this calendar.

Raku Cross with TurquoiseRaku Heart Cross with Turquoise
This beautiful handcrafted raku pottery cross showcases the striking iridescent colors that raku is known for. It is accented with a turquoise ceramic heart and copper wire.

Evil Eye Cord BraceletEvil Eye Cord Bracelet
This Mother of Pearl evil eye on an adjustable nylon cord will keep the bad vibes and negative thoughts away. Available in Red, Blue, Turquoise, Black cords.

Sagittarius African Turquoise Gemstone Zodiac NecklaceSagittarius African Turquoise Zodiac Necklace
African Turquoise encourages growth and positive change for the Sagittarius. Each hand-selected gemstone helps to facilitate a state of balance and peace while also highlighting the strength of this fire sign.

Dreamcatcher Turquoise EarringsDreamcatcher Turquoise Earrings
Turquoise connects the heart and throat chakras, allowing for easy expression of a full range of emotions. Perfect for the sometimes too truthful Sagittarian.

Need more gift ideas for your Sagittarius? Be sure to check out more gift ideas in our Sagittarius Gift Guide and find the perfect present today!
Header image courtesy Jill Wellington from Pixabay
November 29, 2022 — Denise Welling