The moon is on her way to being full this Thursday May 23 in the fiery sign of Sagittarius at 8:53 am CST.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree; for this particular full moon the sun will be a 2 degrees Gemini while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Sagittarius at 2 degrees.  Full moons can create a sense of tension and instability.  Our goal is to try and find some sense of balance.  Full moons can bring situations to completion and they can cast light on what was previously hidden in our lives.  

Keywords and the Full Moon in Sagittarius: adventure, expansion, confident, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, optimistic, philosophical, restless, talkative, spontaneous, athletic, energetic, exploration and speculation.  Since the moon rules what we crave and what we need we can say during a full moon in Sagittarius we crave and need adventure, expansion, excitement and a meaningful philosophy about our lives.

Sagittarius is a fire sign meaning this is a sign associated with enthusiasm, courage, passion and excitement.  Fire signs tend to have a flair for the dramatic and the theatrical so we can say during a full moon in Sagittarius we may feel a bit restless and antsy.  The fire element is strong during this full moon with the North Node, Mars and Chiron being in fellow fire sign Aries so we could also feel self-motivated at this time.  

The 9th House and the Full Moon in Sagittarius:  Each astrological sign is linked to one of the twelve astrological houses and for Sagittarius that is the 9th House.  Keywords associated with the 9th House are the higher mind, higher education, foreign travel, religion, law, publishing, philosophy and faith.  Some of us could have an “aha” moment spiritually meaning we could suddenly receive some higher, spiritual insight about our life.  

Taurus, 2nd House and the Full Moon in Sagittarius:  During this full moon in Sagittarius the earthy sign of Taurus and the 2nd House are prominent.  Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus are all in the sign of the Bull, so, with Taurus and the 2nd House so prominent money, finances, security, possessions and self-worth could be very important topics during this lunation.  

Air, Water and the Full Moon in Sagittarius:  With the water and air elements weak during this full moon; we could feel like our emotions are unbalanced and may have a difficult time being objective about certain situations in our lives.  We may need to take some time acknowledging our true feelings while honoring the feelings of others.  Balancing your needs and feelings with the needs and feelings of others is further amplified with this full moon’s opposition to the planet Venus, the planet that rules love and relationships.  For those who’ve been experiencing conflict in relationships a Venus/Jupiter conjunction on the day of the full moon could offer a resolution or a truce.  

Jupiter in Gemini:  Jupiter is the ruling planet of this full moon because Jupiter is the natural planetary ruler of Sagittarius.  Jupiter spends about a year in each astrological sign and since May of 2023 Jupiter has been transiting the earthy sign of Taurus but on this Friday May 25 Jupiter will make its move into the airy sign of Gemini.  In astrology Jupiter is the ultimate benefic and is linked to good luck, good fortune, abundance and blessings.  With Jupiter in Gemini for the next year our good luck will increase when we embrace the energy of Gemini.  Learning something new or taking a class increases our luck along with being truthful, witty and adaptable.  Writing and speaking could also bring blessings and abundance for some.

Have a great full moon in Sagittarius and we hope to see you in the store soon.


Kevin Casey is an astrologer and card reader who first encountered metaphysics in 1991 through the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. He began his reading practice in 2003 and joined Body Mind & Soul as a reader in 2007. His blend of astrology, numerology, and Tarot make for fascinating and insightful readings and his undying passion for pop music allows him to look at popular culture through astrological and metaphysical eyes.

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Illustration courtesy Pexels and MythologyArt from Pixabay

May 21, 2024