The moon is on her way to being new this Tuesday May 7 in the earthy sign of Taurus at 10:22 pm CST. New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree, in astrology this is known as a conjunction. For this particular lunation the sun and moon are at 18 degrees Taurus. New moons are about new beginnings and are the perfect time to make wishes and set new intentions. The day before the new moon is known as the dark moon. In certain earth-centered magical traditions the dark moon is a time to get quiet and listen because your psychic vibe is on high alert. The dark moon is also a good time to clear out what is no longer useful to you. Clearing out a drawer or a closet on the dark moon can act as a modern day magical ritual; you’re giving the Universe notice that you’re making space for the new.

Keywords and the New Moon in Taurus: patience, endurance, persistence, nature, security, luxury, sensuality, craving, inertia, attraction, materialism, pleasure, practicality and caution. We have a stellar lineup of planets in this earthy sign; not only are the sun in moon in the sign of the Bull but so are Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.  With so many planetary placements in the sign of Taurus we’re likely to put our attention on stability, security and routine. Since the moon rules our emotions and Taurus craves security we can find ourselves seeking emotional security by collecting possessions and if we’re feeling anxious we may try to relieve this anxiety by going on a shopping spree or as we would say in 2024 “doing some retail-therapy”.

In astrology the moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer however, the moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus meaning the moon is also very comfortable in the sign of the Bull. Both Cancer and Taurus feel most secure when they have a stable home with plenty of good food and comfortable but beautiful furnishings. So during this new moon in Taurus some of us might spend time or money not only getting our house in order but also turning our house into a home. This is further amplified by Venus’ placement in the sign of Taurus. Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty and she’s the planetary ruler of Taurus so she is right at home in the sign of the Bull.  

Aries and the New Moon in Taurus: Besides the five planets in Taurus during this lunation we also have a cosmic line up in Taurus’ neighboring sign of Aries. We have Mars, Chiron, Mercury and the North Node all in the sign of the Ram. This Aries energy adds a bold, independent and courageous energy to the new moon in Taurus.

Aries is a cardinal sign meaning this is a sign that ready to take action while Taurus is a fixed sign meaning sometimes the Bull has difficulty taking action or changing. If we’ve been stuck in a rut this Aries energy can help by giving us a much needed boost of energy to get things done. At the other end of the spectrum the element of water is weak during this new moon meaning we may have so difficulty accessing our feelings and emotions.

Finding Your Voice and the New Moon in Taurus: Each astrological sign rules different parts of the body and Taurus rules the throat. A new moon in Taurus coupled with the fiery energy of Aries can help some of us find our voice. This week could be the cosmic push you need to speak up to say what needs to be said. If this applies to you carrying a blue stone like lapis lazuli or sodalite can assist you in unblocking your throat chakra.

The 2nd House and the New Moon in Taurus: Each of the twelve zodiac signs is connected to one of the twelve astrological houses and for Taurus this is the 2nd House. The 2nd House of our chart relates to money, security, possessions and what we value most. If you’ve been experiencing some financial anxiety lately a new moon in Taurus would be a great time to carry some citrine with you. Citrine is a beautiful orange and yellow crystal that is linked to abundance and the law of attraction.

Have a great new moon in Taurus and we hope to see you in the store soon.


Kevin Casey is an astrologer and card reader who first encountered metaphysics in 1991 through the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. He began his reading practice in 2003 and joined Body Mind & Soul as a reader in 2007. His blend of astrology, numerology, and Tarot make for fascinating and insightful readings and his undying passion for pop music allows him to look at popular culture through astrological and metaphysical eyes.

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May 07, 2024