The moon is on her way to being full this Tuesday March 7 in the earthy sign of Virgo at 6:40 am CST. Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree. For this particular full moon the sun will be at 16 degrees Pisces while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Virgo at 16 degrees. Full moons can create a sense of tension and instability. Our goal during this time is to try and find a sense of balance. Full moons can bring situations to completion and they can cast a light on what was previously hidden in our lives.

Keywords associated with a Virgo Full Moon: perfectionism, analysis, abstinence, criticism, service, productivity, virtue, industriousness, moderation, obligation, habits, health, routine, employment, details and organization. Look over the keywords linked with this full moon and pay attention to the ones that catch your attention. Which keywords relate to your life right now?

The Elements and the Full Moon in Virgo: Each of the twelve astrological signs belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water. Virgo belongs to the earth element meaning words like practicality, results and reality take center stage. Earth signs tend to be security-conscious and value the pragmatic over theory and ideas. This earthy nature of Virgo shows up in words like practicality, habits, work and routines. The Virgo full moon is the perfect time to get ourselves together so to speak. If our lives and our environments have become messy this would be the week to clean up and get ourselves organized.

A Virgo full moon can help ground us while the sun is transiting through the watery, dreamy and fantasy prone sign of Pisces. Virgo isn’t a sign about grand, dramatic gestures; Virgo understands the power in practicality and simplicity.

Mercury and the Full Moon in Virgo: Each of the astrological signs has a planetary ruler and for Virgo that ruler is Mercury, the Roman messenger to the gods. Mercury is the planet associated with communication, learning and the mind. Both Mercury and Virgo are energies that help us detect what isn’t working in a situation and help us come up with a plan of action for self-improvement and efficiency. However, we do have to be cautious about Virgo’s shadow side which is perfectionism and analysis-paralysis. During a full moon in Virgo we have to be careful we don’t allow the critical mind to get the upper hand pick ourselves apart; we need to remember this is about self-improvement. Just as easily, we can exhaust ourselves during a full moon in Virgo by over analyzing our situations.

Mercury recently joined the sun in the sign of Pisces on March 2 and will be there March 19. This is a highly intuitive placement for Mercury so our psychic vibe will be on high. Listen to yourself during this period and take note of messages your psyche may be sending you through repeated words, thoughts or dreams. This would be a good time to take breaks from social media and the internet so that you can reconnect with your inner voice. In fact, on the day of the full moon doing Virgo chores like laundry and the dishes can be a form of meditation and a great way to combine the intuitive energy of Pisces with the earthy, practical energy of Virgo.

Crystals and the Full Moon in Virgo: If you’re focusing on your health and body Carnelian is great for physical energy while Bloodstone is a good detoxifying stone. If you tend to be a worry wart and a full moon in Virgo can amplify that; try Amethyst for a sense of serenity and Lepidolite for issues related to stress, anxiety and depression.


Saturn in Pisces: March 2, 2023 – February 13, 2026

 On the day of the full moon Saturn will leave it’s two year and half year transit of Aquarius and enter Pisces. Saturn will transit through Pisces from March 7, 2023 to February 13, 2026. Saturn is the planet of karma and is always teaching us lessons. Saturn isn’t always fun because it gives us what we need instead of what we want. Fear and doubt are also keywords associated with the Ringed One and being in the sign of psychic Pisces we’ll be met with our fear of letting go and trusting our intuition. If you’ve ever thought about getting an oracle deck, tarot deck or a set of rune, this transit of Saturn in Pisces would be the time to do it. Since Pisces is a water sign this means feelings will be of utmost importance too, so its time to feel those feelings instead of stuffing them down. Saturn in Pisces is an odd combination; Saturn loves control and puts up barriers while Pisces loves to flow so we’ll have to deal with our fear of chaos. We’ll be learning about having faith and trust in the process our lives by letting go and going with the flow.


Photo Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

March 04, 2023 — Denise Welling