Hello, Pisces. How's the swim?

We feel you–you big, beautiful, intuitive, mystical cosmic being. You are floating through the world and can sometimes be a psychic sponge, yet at your highest self, you are compassionate, imaginative, dreamy, and other-wordly wise.

Pisces dates are from February 20–March 20, with ruling planet of Neptune and water as its element.

This water sign can be in their own world. At first, we want to say, “Come down to earth, if only so we can understand) what you are talking about!” But as we get to know them, we want to join our Pisces friends in this dreamy alternate way of being. We see that there is wisdom and insight to be gained from someone who can perceive what we cannot see.

So, we say… keep dreaming Pisces. You might need to find an earth sign to help bring your dreams into reality, but we know that sometimes the highest wisdom and loftiest dreams come from intuitive Pisces sun signs

As far as gifts for our lovely Pisces friends and loved ones, keep in mind that they can dive deep; they are mystical, imaginative, and intuitive. Help them find tools for their spiritual inclinations with psychic development books or give them a journal to keep notes of all their visions and guided journeys. A good oracle deck will help sensitive Pisces thrive in what can sometimes be an overwhelming world and give them insight on how to survive

Aquamarine is a good gemstone for Pisces, helping them to connect with their clairvoyance, illuminating any insights, and helping to articulate any associated wisdom. As one of the most emotional sun signs, Aquamarine gives insight into Pisces emotional state and helps them understand how they feel. Wearing Aquamarine jewelry is calming and helps to soothe any anxiety that Pisces can sometimes feel.

A water sign, Pisces symbol is the double fish, so anything water related should comfort them. Give them a fountain, or bath salts or go with their flower, the waterlily. This is a great scent for a Pisces candle.

Ultimately what Pisces wants is a little magic. Make your gift a complete aesthetic experience. Give them good things to sniff and sip so they feel all flowy and light. Surround them with velvet and chiffon, give them candles, incense, and good luck charms. Their color is purple and anything in that shade will appeal to them. Wrap their gift in soft flowy colors, tie a sheer ribbon on it, a mystical, magical gift wrap will appeal to Pisces’ senses.

Below are our top ten picks for our Pisces friends. For even more choices, visit our special Pisces Gift Collection that taps into their dreamy, mystical nature.


This succulent blend of essential oils is perfectly created to make a powerful intuition potion. Spray liberally and let Nephthys, the Egyptian Goddess of magic do the rest for your special Pisces
Third Eye Ceramic Box Third Eye Ceramic Box
Give your favorite intuitive Pisces some third eye energy to their keepsakes. A perfect catch-all for jewelry, keys, or their crystal collection (you know they will have a crystal collection!)
Herkimer Diamond Stud EarringsHerkimer Diamond Studs
Their high spirit energy emanates pure light and helps this water sign achieve their highest vibe.
Calming Paradise Crystal Candle with AquamarineCalming Paradise Crystal Candle with Aquamarine
Soothing coconut and vanilla scents will transport watery Pisces to beach shore memories with aquamarine providing a calming energy.
Quartz Crystal Necklace for Pisces Sun SignsQuartz Crystal Necklace for Pisces Sun Signs
Quartz crystal supports self-love and healthy boundaries for the Pisces, which is often needed in this emotional sign.
The Empath’s Empowerment Deck by Dr. Judith OrlofThe Empath’s Empowerment Deck by Dr. Judith Orlof
For this Neptune-ruled sun sign and natural empath, this deck is an immediately accessible tool that provides daily inspiration, instant guidance, and in-the-moment support whenever intuitive Pisces needs it.
Sparkly Aquamarine Gemstone BraceletSparkly Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet
Aquamarine is a calming stone that supports Pisces to have open and clear communication with others and helps balance their emotions.
You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be Gratitude Journal“You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be” Gratitude Journal
Daily stresses can get a Pisces down, so help them find the time to unwind and reflect with prompts for daily thoughts, goals, and gratitude. The ribbon marker and attached pen ensures that they will always be prepared to document their day.
Pisces Nail Polish Infused with Micronized Fluorite CrystalsPisces Nail Polish Infused with Micronized Fluorite Crystals
Made for the enchanting, intuitive, and artistic Fish, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized Fluorite, a balancing stone, to promote mental clarity. Use this polish to dissolve illusions and bring a better sense of harmony to Pisces.
Moonrise Labradorite Brass and Wood Wall DecorMoonrise Labradorite Brass and Wood Wall Decor
Accent your special magical Pisces’ walls with the help of Labradorite, a stone of magic, and beautiful brass moonrise
February 23, 2023 — Denise Welling