The moon is on her way to being full this Sunday October 15 in the watery sign of Scorpio at 11:11 pm CST.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  For this particular lunation the sun will be at 25 degrees Taurus while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Scorpio at 25 degrees.  Full moons can bring an element of tension and we can feel like we’re being pulled in two different directions.  Our goal is to try and find a sense of balance.  

This full moon is also a lunar eclipse.  Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, earth and moon are lined up and the earth is between the sun and moon; lunar eclipses only occur on full moons.  In fact, you think of lunar eclipses as hyped up, dramatic full moons. If we’re in denial about something or we don’t want to deal with something in our lives a lunar eclipse can come along and force us to deal with this secret side of ourselves. Eclipses occur four to six times a year and can bring great change and transformation in our lives.  

This is also a blood moon.  A blood moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse when the moon is fully in the earth’s shadow.  A little bit of light from the sun is stretched out and this hits the surface of the moon giving it a copper or reddish tint hence the name blood moon.  

Zodiac Facts:  Full Moon in Scorpio

The first thing we can look at is the element of the full moon.  Every astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements and Scorpio is a water sign meaning feelings and emotions are of utmost importance.  The watery nature of this full moon could make us a bit more sensitive. We can get further amplification of this full moon by investigating the tarot card associated with this full moon; the Seven of Cups. Just like the sign of Scorpio, the cups suit is linked to the water element and in the Thoth Tarot this card is titled Debauch. This card represents emotional indulgence, depression and moods.  We may be feeling disconnected, stuck and confused.  Questions we may ask ourselves:  what am I running away from?  Is fear controlling me?  Am I really stuck?  In order to make ourselves feel better we may over-eat, over-shop or over-drink.  The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio may be our time to get real with ourselves about our feelings and our addictive patterns. 

There are actually two signs involved in this full moon lunar eclipse; Scorpio (moon sign) and Taurus (sun sign).  Interestingly, both signs are associated with money and finances.  Each zodiac sign is linked to one of the twelve astrological houses and for Scorpio that’s the 8th House; the angle of the chart associated with joint finances, taxes and inheritances.  Taurus is linked to the 2nd House; the part of the astrological wheel associated with personal finances and possessions.  The tarot card associated with the Sun in Taurus portion of this full moon is the Seven of Pentacles; the card titled Failure in the Thoth Tarot.  This card can be thought of as our fear of failure in finances or our fear of financial success.  So, the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to move through our old fears of failure and success. 

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Each astrological sign is associated with a planet and for Scorpio that planetary ruler is Pluto.  In Roman mythology Pluto was the intense and mysterious ruler of the underworld.  In astrological terms Pluto is linked to deep change, transformation, upheaval and death.  When Pluto is making an aspect to our sun, moon or one of the personal planets like Mercury, Venus or Mars we can experience change that alters our lives in a significant way.  With this in mind, this current full moon in Scorpio could herald a change in direction.  We may be asked to let go of an old identity in order to transform our lives and take us to the next level.  Since Scorpio and Pluto are both related to death we could see the end of a relationship or job.  If you’ve been contemplating change this lunar eclipse could be the push you need.  The death we’re speaking of here is more akin to letting go.  It is through this detachment and letting go that we birth the new in our lives.  Because lunar eclipses can be so powerful they can take situations out of our hands and force us to surrender to a higher power.  

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, started its retrograde movement on May 10 and will go direct on June 3.  During a Mercury retrograde we want to be careful about signing big contracts.  If you must sign during this time, and sometimes we must, just be sure you really look everything over very carefully.  Since Mercury rules communication we also want to think twice about what we say during a retrograde period.  Someone many years ago gave me some very wise advice; does it need to be said?  Does it need to be said by me?  Does it need to be said right now?   

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May 13, 2022