Easy on the Eyes, Soothing for the Soul

Emerald is admittedly the most recognized stone of the Beryl family. True Emerald is a distinct green that is somewhere between bluish and yellowish greens. People from countries and cultures far and wide have been drawn to its depths. The green is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. In ancient times, stone cutters were known to gaze upon emerald pieces to rest their weary or strained eyes after a long day of work. Indeed, the color green is known to relieve stress and the straining of eyes.

The green of Emerald connects our minds to all that is lush, vibrant, and restful. It recalls green rolling hills, meadows, trees, plants and the earth itself. Many consider nature to be a place of respite and healing. If you find yourself surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and are needing the peace of the forests, Emerald can lend you the energy of that quiet soothing calm by holding it close to your heart. It reminds us to step slowly and gently with grace, especially when the world is speeding around us.

Love Everlasting

Emerald is associated with the Heart Chakra; the vital green hues assist in opening our hearts and living day to day with compassion and understanding towards ourselves and others. Towards ourselves, we are able to look at ourselves through the lens of the Great Mother. Knowing that we have wounds and scars but loving ourselves as a being who we have grown and nurtured and protected. Emerald also helps connect us to Divine Love and assists us with gathering deep wisdom from the earth and spirit worlds.

In this same fashion, Emerald also assists with healing heartbreak. Lending us it's courage to carry on and care for ourselves with tenderness. It is also known as a stone for recovery and emotional healing. As a stone of Venus, In relationships with others, whether love or friendship, Emerald promotes loyalty and understanding. It helps to keep a partnership balanced and is said that it is also a stone of domestic bliss.

Emerald also is known to help keep our minds open as well, promoting patience, understanding, focus, and honesty. Due to these aspects, many have considered it to be a stone that assists well in group settings where cooperation is needed.

Mystical & Magical

The folklore surrounding Emerald is great indeed. It is said that when a person places Emerald under the tongue (side note, we do not recommend this), the person would be given the ability to see into the future, reveal truths, and receive protection against evil. It is also said that when worn, it can be used as an amulet for protection during times of travel.

In the world of Alchemy and Hermetics, there is said to be a legendary tablet that is made entirely of emerald. The words inscribed on this tablet is said to be a Hermetic text that holds the secrets of the Universe, information about the Philosopher’s Stone, and the origin of the idea, “As above, so below”.

Working with Emerald

One of the most enjoyable  and easiest ways to work with Emerald is to wear it. Self-decoration is a time honored practice that includes intention and love. It is available in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Wearing this stone will assist in finding that peaceful calm of the forest.

An efficient way to work with Emerald is simply to carry it in your pocket. If you don’t happen to have pockets, you can put it in a wallet or purse or backpack. The point is to have it accessible. Just having it near you is enough to feel and call on its energy. When you feel tired, weary, or lacking patience you can also hold it in your hand and breathe. With each exhale, imagine yourself surrounds by green hills and plants. Let that energy restore and replenish your soul.

In regards to keeping emeralds clean, we recommend the advice below:

"Cleaning emeralds should be done carefully. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning can remove oils and other fracture-filling treatments. A light washing in warm water with a mild soap is safer for cleaning and should be done only when needed.” - Via Geology.com


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May 16, 2022 — Denise Welling