Geminis like variety and love to have stimulating conversations. This quick-witted sign is adaptable and always on the move - mentally, physically, and in spirit. If you want to please a Gemini for their special day, you'll have to think way outside of the box.

Typical Gemini Personality Traits and Gifts to Bring out Their Best Attributes

They love to know & be in the know. 

Try appealing to their communicative nature with a good and educational read like Seeking Wisdom: A Spiritual Path to Creative Connection by Julia Cameron, or give them a burst of fun insight with pop culture magazine’s Cosmo Tarot deck. Geminis like to know a little bit about everything so the book Daily Oracle: Seek Answers From Your Higher Self  will appeal to their natural craving for a  little daily dose of wisdom. They'll love you for playing into their need for something quick and fun. 

Geminis love to communicate & think quickly.

The Gemini element is air, and being ruled by Mercury, they are natural communicators. Yet when they need an extra boost of gab, give them the Mercury Astro Magic Candle. They can use this candle to empower their mental disciplines of reason, communication and the discernment of the truth. 

A good crystal for gemini is Fluorite. Geminis can get going really quick and you will find they can be fast talkers. Fluorite will add a little organization to their thoughts and help them think before they speak. Our Fluorite Candle can also help balance out any scattered energy.

Geminis enjoy travel & a change of scenery.

The novelty of travel excites them too, especially fun short trips that keep them active. Try the Traveler's White Sage Smudging Kit as a good gift for them to pack on the go. This will be a thoughtful gift that will entice their spiritual side and help keep their traveling space clear.

Yet Geminis still like being pampered too!

After all that stimulation, even fun-loving Gemini will need to wind down. It's a good thing lavender is their special flower. This delightful Lemon and Lavender Bath Salt helps them relax after a busy day. Add the Lemon and Lavender Body Lotion to soothe them after bath and make the ultimate self-care package. 

Geminis are too bright to care about the gift wrapping, but do put your gift in a bag so there’s at least a five-second mystery. 

Pamper your favorite Gemini with a thoughtful gift for their solar return, and they'll happily share their energetic & fun-filled energy with you!

Need more Gemini gift ideas? Whether your loved one is into luxury items or down-to-earth experiences, we’ve got something for them. Be sure to check out our Gemini gift guide and find the perfect present today!>>>

June 01, 2022