The moon is on her way to being new this Monday, May 30 in the airy sign of Gemini at 6:30 am CST.  New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the exact same sign at the exact same degree, this is known as a conjunction in astrology.  For this particular lunation the sun and moon will be a 9 degrees Gemini.  New moons are about new beginnings and it’s the perfect time to set new intentions and make wishes.  

Zodiac Facts:  Gemini

In order to get an idea on what this new moon in Gemini might mean for us we will look at the element associated with this sign, the ruling planet and the tarot card associated with this lunation. 

Every astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water and Gemini is linked to the air element meaning thinking, analysis, communication and curiosity are of utmost importance.

The planetary ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology.  Mercury rules communication, understanding and intelligence.  Books, writing, magazines, translation, languages, newspapers, speaking, social media and broadcasting all fall under the rulership of Mercury.  Astronomically, Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and takes a mere 88 days to orbit around the sun.  Mercury’s claim to fame in modern astrology is its retrograde period that occurs three or sometimes four times a year.  During this retrograde period Mercury will appear to move backward for three weeks and we can experience breakdowns in day to day communication along with possible glitches in our computers and phones.  We are currently experiencing a Mercury retrograde that started on May 10 and will end on June 3.  

Every new and full moon has a tarot card associated with it and this particular lunation is linked to the Eight of Swords; in the Thoth tarot deck this card is titled Interference. 

With Mercury the ruling planet of this new moon in retrograde motion and the tarot card being the Eight of Swords we may find ourselves in a state of analysis paralysis meaning we are getting too caught up in the details of a situation.  We may feel trapped and entrenched in our current situation and feel we can’t move ahead.  Of course this fearful frame of mind drains us of our energy and leaves us in a state of depression.  Since new moons are about new beginnings it's time to remind ourselves we aren’t trapped; there are solutions.  Instead of procrastinating or distracting ourselves by getting involved with the problems of those around us we can break the cycle by doing something good for ourselves.  We don’t have to have everything figured out, we can take one small baby step that would be in our best interest.  Doing something for ourselves is healthy self-interest and it breaks up the pattern of putting all the focus on the problem.  Look at the thoughts (Mercury) that prevent you from doing something for yourself; that prevent you from getting into action.  After all, Mercury retrograde is a period where we’re encouraged to re-think, reevaluate and revise things.  

In fact, the day before the new moon is the dark moon and this is a great time to retreat, get quiet, meditate and clear out what is no longer useful to us. The dark moon is the best time to listen to your inner voice; stop the analysis paralysis and surrender to the truth.  

Pluto trine Mercury

Helping us with some metal clarity at this time will be Pluto’s aspect to Mercury (the ruling planet of this new moon).  Pluto trine Mercury will give us greater insights into ourselves and coupled with the new moon in Gemini this is a perfect time to study a new subject or go to school.  Some of us may even cross paths with someone who has a powerful effect on our consciousness.  Journaling would be another great activity at this time since Pluto rules the depths of our soul and Mercury and Gemini rule writing and communication.    


A great crystal to work with during this new moon in Gemini would be fluorite.  According to Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible, fluorite helps disorganized people think straight and gets their lives back on track.  If you’re under any illusions, Fluorite dissolves them so you can make objective decisions. 

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May 27, 2022 — Denise Welling