Let out a roar with 10 amazing gifts for Leos, the most regal of the zodiac signs.

July 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season in astrology. The lion holds dominion over the zodiac through August 21st.

The Leo Sign is ruled by the Sun, and they'll make sure you know it! Leos play big and they like a big fuss around their birthday. A little flamboyance will definitely be appreciated.

Citrine Vitality Gemstone Aromatherapy Roll-on

Powerful and bold, Leos are known to like flash and extravagance. Play to their sunny disposition with a Citrine Vitality Gemstone Aromatherapy Roll-onCitrine radiates sunshine and cultivates joy and abundance. This elixir has a base of organic coconut oil infused with bright lemon peel, herbaceous lemongrass, and citrine gemstones to enhance vitality. This uplifting scent combines fresh citrus, exotic florals, and a zing of pink pepper. Enjoy as an effective aromatherapy and elegant fragrance, and treasure this unique and beautiful gemstone.

Citrine Bracelet

Or add to their style with a bold, golden and sparkly Citrine braceletCitrine is the perfect crystal for activating the Law of Attraction. This quartz resonates powerfully with abundance and prosperity, which is what most people seek it out for. But citrine is also great for bringing happiness, confidence, and optimism to anyone who wears or carries it. Leos love gold and they will make a statement wearing this piece of jewelry. 

Leo Zodiac Sun Sign Soap

Leos are also dramatic, out-going and confident; they are the life of the party. This snarky and fun, yet useful Leo Astrology Bar Soap will give them a laugh and indulge their need for pampering. Vanilla Vanity Scented: This bold, Leo-inspired soap smells like it's all about you. Because these soaps are handmade, no two bars are identical. Ingredients include coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerine, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, coloring, fragrance.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

How about a bright home accent to light up your Leo? These Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand carved by master craftsmen to act as natural ionic air purifiers. The salt used to sculpt them is so pure, it is approved for human consumption by the FDA. They come in a variety of sizes. Each lamp comes with a top grade UL approved cord that has a dimmer switch and a vibrant 15 watt bulb so you can adjust the lamp's brightness.

Isis Oracle Deck

Leos can be very spiritual. The majestic Isis Oracle will appeal to their spiritual side as Isis is considered a sacred priestess, initiate, magician, and healer. Using these cards helps your Leo friend reactivate their own soul talents for healing and magic. The luminous Isis Oracle set includes 44 oversized cards and a 220-page illustrated guidebook. Each of the card descriptions in the guidebook offers a powerful ritual to assist in integrating the message of the card. These rituals, many of which are guided meditations, help you focus your attention to get the answers you need.

Get a reading

Or consider giving a reading to your Leo, which will give them lots of attention plus a little bit of guidance. You can book one here. Our talented readers and practitioners offer a wide variety of energetic and personal spiritual readings to help you find a clear, energized path forward. Sometimes Leos are too proud to ask for a little direction.

Volusa Burning Woods Candle

Keep in mind that Leos are a fire sign. This gorgeous, luxurious and big scented candle will satisfy their desire for luxury. Voluspa's Burning Woods candle has warm notes of Smokey Cedar, Burning Woods, Embers and Himalayan Juniper. This could become one of their favorite home fragrances.

Leo Zodiac Tee

Leos can make a fashion statement. We recently received a full line of zodiac T-shirts including this splendid Leo Sun Sign tee. All the shirts have unique designs with a vintage rock vibe. Wear it proud, wear it loud, and jam with your favorite sun sign.

Cosmology Journal

Journals are always a great gift for putting down one's thoughts. With fire as their element, you could hardly do better than gifting Leo with a book to channel their inner flame. We have a number of guided and blank journals to choose from, including some with the Leo trademark gold such as the Cosmology Journal. To see a wide selection of journals and planners for any occasion and need, look at our special journal collection.

Jellycat Bashful Lion

When all else fails, go for Jellycat! Our soft and snuggly Bashful Lion stuffed animal from London-based Jellycat is right on track for both adults and children. For the King of the Beasts, Bashful Lion is looking sweetly, well, bashful! He wants a caring companion to ruffle his luxurious caramel mane. Give this squeezy, butter-bellied big cat a snuggle - it can be lonely being boss!.

Leos love gold, so whichever gift you choose, remember to wrap their gift in yellows, oranges, and gold, use lots of ribbon and spoil them with love and attention. Pamper your favorite Leo with a thoughtful gift for their solar return, and they'll happily share their fiery, generous energy with you!


Need more Leo gift ideas? Whether your loved one is into luxury items or down-to-earth experiences, we’ve got something for them. Be sure to check out our Leo gift guide and find the perfect present today!>>>

July 27, 2023 — Denise Welling