The moon is on her way to being new this Monday July 17 in the watery sign of Cancer at 1:32 pm CST. New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree; this is known as a conjunction in astrology. For this particular full moon the sun and moon are conjunct at 24 degrees Cancer. New moons are associated with new beginnings so it’s the perfect time to set new intentions and make new wishes. The day before the new moon is the dark moon, a time when our psychic vibe is on high so pay attention to any thoughts or impressions you get on Sunday.

Keywords and the New Moon in Cancer: mother, matriarchy, sensitivity, withdrawal, feeling, home, sentimentality, moody, protective, receptive, understanding, vulnerable and sympathetic. Look over these keywords and pay special attention to the keyword or words that jump out at you. Which keywords describe your life and circumstances right now?

The Elements and the New Moon in Cancer: In astrology the twelve zodiac signs can be divided into four elements; fire, earth, air or water. Cancer belongs to the water trigon meaning this is a sign that places special importance on feelings, emotions, intuition and to a certain extent relationships. Water signs like Cancer can be like little psychic sponges absorbing everything around them including the feelings of others. It will be important to have good boundaries during this new moon so we don’t weigh ourselves down with the feelings and emotions of others. We have to make sure we don’t exhaust ourselves by playing the people-pleaser game. Sometimes we need to say no to those around us and take care of ourselves. A major lesson for Cancer is finding the courage to ask for what they want. The shadow side of the water element is allowing your feelings to completely take over.

The Moon and the New Moon in Cancer: Each astrological sign has a ruling planet and Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon. Technically, the moon is a luminary but for ease of purpose most astrologers refer to the moon as a planet. Since the moon is currently in Cancer is feels right at home meaning the moon is comfortable in its own sign. The moon is associated with the night and the unconscious. The moon has a significant effect on our emotions and moods and this is doubly true with the moon in her own sign of Cancer. The moon relays to the conscious mind the things we need to feel secure, taken care of and safe. Related to the moon and the sign of Cancer is the 4th House of the astrological wheel, the part of our chart that’s associated with family, home, feelings and mother. The new moon in Cancer would be a great time to do something nice for your living space. What does your living space need right now? You may want to rearrange a part of your home or buy something new for your space. Maybe it’s time to go through drawers and closets and get rid of what you don’t need any more. Astrologically or magically speaking the sun is related to the masculine principle while the moon is linked to the feminine principle. Our sun sign is related to our outer world, what we are striving to become while the moon is who we are on a deep soul level. If we’ve been placing too much emphasis on the outer aspect of our life like our career and achievements this new moon may act as a wake-up call to nurture the other part of our selves; the soul. This is a time to ask ourselves what we really need to feel safe, secure and contented. The moon is also linked to our intuition so a new moon in Cancer would be the perfect time to get out your oracle or tarot deck and give yourself a reading. What do I most need to know during this new moon is a simple and powerful question to ask. If you work with crystals, moonstone would be the obvious choice. Moonstone is related to the moon and it can help us reconnect with our intuitive, psychic selves.

Venus Retrograde

Venus the planet of love, beauty and relating will go retrograde from July 22, 2023 to September 3, 2023. A Venus retrograde can have us thinking about the past. Venus retrograde can tempt us to put a nice, glossy sheen over a past relationship, conveniently forgetting the glow in the dark-radioactive-toxic parts. Over the next six weeks we get an opportunity to leave the past in the past and practice suiting up and showing up for the life that’s right in front of us today.  

July 16, 2023 — Denise Welling