The moon will be new this Tuesday February 1 in the airy sign of Aquarius at 12:46 am EST and 11:46pm late Monday night CST.  New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree, this is known as a conjunction in astrology and for this particular lunation the sun and moon will both be at 12 degrees of Aquarius.  New moons are associated with new beginnings and are a perfect time to set new intentions and to make wishes.  The day before the new moon is known as the dark moon.  Traditionally, the dark moon phase is a potent time for performing divination like pulling tarot or oracle cards. This is also a good time to clean out closets and drawers signaling to the Universe that you are ready for new beginnings.  

Zodiac Facts:  Aquarius

Every astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements and Aquarius belongs to the air element meaning thinking, analysis and communication are of utmost importance.  This cerebral approach to life can make Aquarius detached on an emotional level.  All this mental stimulation and activity needs an outlet, hence the reason you will find the Aquarian sharing their ideas with anyone who will listen.  In relationships Aquarius can have a difficult time sharing their feelings; they also have a need for freedom so they can be hard to pin down when it comes to commitment. 

Every zodiac sign belongs to one of the three modalities; cardinal, fixed and mutable.  In astrology a modality refers to the nature and attitude of a zodiac sign and Aquarius belongs to the fixed modality.  Being a fixed sign means the Waterbearer has staying power, they are determined to stay the path come hell or high water.  The shadow side of the fixed modality is getting stuck in ruts and avoiding change.  

Each astrological sign is ruled by a particular planet and for Aquarius that planetary ruler is Uranus.  Being true to the oddball and eccentric energy of Aquarius, Uranus is the only planet that rotates on it’s side. Uranus is known as the Great Awakener and when this planet is triggered in our charts we can expect strange and unexpected happenings.  Keywords associated with Uranus are rebellion, genius, freedom, liberation, revolution, the unusual, science and scientists.  Currently, Uranus is in Taurus and will be making a difficult square aspect to the new moon in Aquarius meaning no more playing by others’ rules and expectations; we’re determined to do things our way.  

The astrological house associated with Aquarius is the 11th House; the angle in our chart that deals with our hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.  Community, friends and associates are also under the rulership of the 11th House.  

New Moon in Aquarius

We know the air signs are linked to thinking and Aquarius and Uranus are linked to science, scientists and the unexpected.  Put this together and suddenly things start making sense; suddenly, we intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle us.  Our objective, focused, intentional mind rises out of the murky swamp of feelings.  Maybe you’ve become so involved in the lives and feelings of others that you need a time-out to consider your feelings.  During a new moon in Aquarius you’re able to see things as they are and not as you want them to be.  The new moon in Aquarius allows us to consider new ideas, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.  Expect the unexpected when it comes to Aquarian energy; there’s more to you than you realized.  Dare to be different can be your mantra at this time.  One of the first things anyone can do is take a moment to embrace and celebrate our individuality.    

We can also look to the Tarot deck for amplification and inspiration.  The Star card is associated with the sign of Aquarius.  Keywords associated with the Star card are radiance, confidence, brilliance, hope, renewal, healing and regeneration.  The new moon in Aquarius can restore our confidence and hope while expanding our vision for the future.  If you work with an altar you can place the Star card on it as a reminder to stay open to possibilities.  The Star card reminds us to be hopeful during the challenging times in our lives knowing if we stay true to ourselves we’ll eventually see a breakthrough.  

If you’ve been towing the line, living up to others’ standards and catering to the status-quo you may start to feel an anger welling up inside you.  Let this anger be a wake-up call.  Now is not the time to look outside yourself for permission to be who you are.  Ask yourself, what would I like to see happen in my life?  The word future is associated with the sign of Aquarius and your future is what you’re investing in during a new moon in Aquarius.  


Venus retrograde ended on January 29 and Mercury retrograde will end on February 3.  We won't have another Mercury retrograde until May 10.  


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