The moon is on her way to being new this Wednesday August 16 in the fiery sign of Leo at 4:38 am CST. New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the exact same sign at the exact same degree; this is known as a conjunction in astrology. For this particular new moon the sun and moon are both at 23 degrees Leo. New moons are about new beginnings and it’s the perfect time each month to make new wishes and set new intentions. The new moon is like a cosmic monthly reset.

Keywords and the New Moon in Leo: confidence, self-expression, enthusiastic, extravagant, vibrant, royalty, playfulness, charisma, pride, drama, will, power, creativity, bossy, head-strong, conceited. Look over the keywords. Do any of these keywords describe your life and circumstances right now? Do you need more or less of any of the keywords mentioned?

Elements and the New Moon in Leo: Each astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air and water. Leo belongs to the fire element meaning passion, enthusiasm and courage take center stage. There is a restless energy to the fire signs along with a flair for the dramatic and the theatrical. If we feel like we’ve lost our enthusiasm and zest for life, a new moon in Leo can help us reconnect with our passion for living. Instead of just going through the motions a new moon in Leo can reawaken and reignite our dreams and possibilities. In fact, in the very esoteric Thoth Tarot, the Strength card, the card associated with Leo, has been renamed Lust; a perfect care for the energy of Leo. Instead of playing small, the Lust card encourages us to step into our radiance and brilliance. Even the Bible tells us not to hide our light under a bushel but instead let your light shine before others. Taking things a step further, we can look at the modality of Leo. Another way of dividing the signs into categories is by modality. The modality of a sign gives you further clues about the attitude and nature of that sign and there are three modalities; cardinal, fixed and mutable. Leo belongs to the fixed modality meaning this is a sign that has staying power. So a new moon in Leo can be a call to stand in your power. Instead of backing down and playing small so that others don’t feel threatened, you stand your ground and face the conflict.

The 5th House and the New Moon in Leo: In astrology there are twelve signs and each sign rules one of the twelve astrological houses. Each house rules certain parts of our lives and Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th House. The 5thHouse rules self-expression, creativity, romance, children, pleasure, fun and play. Astrologer Maya White, creator of the Easy Astrology Oracle deck, says the 5th House is the place where our soul manifests our desires. Considering the 5th House and it’s keywords helps expand what we may experience during this full moon in Leo. For some children may be a focal point this coming week while others may be focused on romance or self-expression.

Uranus and the New Moon in Leo: Uranus, the planet of disruption and shock, will be making a difficult square to the new moon. Basically this means people are going to be in their “feels”. This creates can create a volatile and chaotic atmosphere where people can “go off”. Choose your battles wisely if you or those around you seem to be unusually hot tempered. This isn’t all bad, Uranus square the new moon in Leo can play in your favor. This high voltage zap you get from Uranus can help liberate you from people and situation you feel have been holding you back. Because of Uranus and it’s desire for freedom break-ups in relationships aren’t unheard of especially with Venus, the planet of relationships, retrograde in the same sign of Leo.

 Crystals and the New Moon in Leo: Crystals you can work with during a new moon in Leo are sunstone, chrysocolla, and citrine.

Sunstone: Sunstone is a great crystal to work with for issues around self-worth and enthusiasm for life.

Chrysocolla: Not only is chrysocolla great for self-worth issues but it can reverse self-sabotaging behaviors that drain you of your power.

Citrine: Citrine is a great stone for manifesting abundance in your life and it heightens your creative spark.

August 15, 2023