The moon is on her way to being new this Sunday March 10 in the watery sign of Pisces at 4:00 am CST. New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree; in astrology this is known as a conjunction. For this particular new moon both the sun and moon will be at 20 degrees Pisces. New moons are like a cosmic reset; it’s the perfect time each month to make wishes and set new intentions. New moons are about new beginnings. The day before the new moon is known as the dark moon; for this lunation that will be Saturday March 9. Our psychic vibes are on high during a dark moon so this is the perfect time to get quiet and listen to what our psyche is trying to tell us. The dark moon is also a good time to clear out what is no longer useful to you; like cleaning out a closet or a drawer.

The Elements and the New Moon in Pisces: Each of the twelve zodiac signs belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water. Pisces belongs to the water element meaning this is a sign that places special emphasis on feelings, intuition, relationships and moods. The water element is especially strong during this new moon because not only are the sun and moon in Pisces but so are Saturn and Neptune. With so much water in this new moon chart we could all be feeling especially sensitive. Being so sensitive can help us connect with others more easily during this new moon but we also have to make sure we aren’t so sensitive that we become little psychic sponges absorbing the feelings of everyone around us.

With four planets in the sign of Pisces we can easily become overwhelmed with everyone else’s feelings and problems. This weekend might be a good time to schedule some down time or alone time. Psychic is a keyword not only associated with the water signs but specifically to Pisces so listen to your intuition. Another keyword linked to Pisces is dreams so don’t be surprised if your dreams are more vivid and possibly prophetic this weekend.

Neptune and the New Moon in Pisces: Each astrological sign is ruled by a planet and Pisces’ planetary ruler is Neptune. In Roman mythology Neptune is the god of the sea. Keywords linked to Neptune are illusions, dreams, psychic abilities, deception, escape and mysticism. Currently, Neptune is in Pisces and will be there until January of 2026. This has been a really long transit that started back in July of 2011! Since both Pisces and Neptune are linked to psychic abilities and spirituality the planet as a whole has been undergoing a spiritual awakening. The astrological Neptune operates a lot like the Hindu term “maya”. In Hinduism maya refers to the illusions of this material world. As part of the human experience in this material world we become entangled in these illusions (maya) and our spiritual enlightenment comes when we hit bottom, stop fighting and let go. When we let go we gain wisdom from our suffering and are finally liberated. What illusions are you entangled in right now? Where are you being seduced by illusion (maya)? Is there a difficult truth you’re struggling to accept? What do you not want to face and deal with?

Another aspect to consider is the astrological house linked to this new moon. Both Pisces and Neptune are linked to the 12th House the last house on the astrological block so to speak before we begin again with the 1st House. So in a sense the 12th House can also be linked with endings. What do you need to bring closure to in your life?

Crystals, Stone and the New Moon in Pisces:

Labradorite: This beautiful stone of greys and iridescent blues acts as a psychic shield so that we don’t become overwhelmed with others feelings.

Amethyst: Amethyst not only helps cleanse your energy it also aids in opening your third eye. This beautiful purple stone also helps create a sacred space when meditating.

Selenite: This translucent stone carries a light, angelic vibration aids in clearing emotional confusion and helps stabilize powerful and fluctuating emotions.  


Kevin Casey is an astrologer and card reader who first encountered metaphysics in 1991 through the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. He began his reading practice in 2003 and joined Body Mind & Soul as a reader in 2007. His blend of astrology, numerology, and Tarot make for fascinating and insightful readings and his undying passion for pop music allows him to look at popular culture through astrological and metaphysical eyes.

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March 05, 2024