The moon is on her way to being new this Tuesday December 12 in the fiery sign of Sagittarius at 5:32 pm CST. New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the exact same sign at the exact same degree; this is known as a conjunction in astrology. For this particular new moon both the sun and moon will be at 20 degrees Sagittarius. New moons are linked to new beginnings and it’s the perfect time each month to make wishes and set new intentions.

Keywords and the New Moon in Sagittarius: confidence, inspiration, enthusiasm, expansion, exaggeration, curious, impatient, impulsive, overindulgent, embellishment, speculation, optimistic, restless, philosophical and free-spirited. Every zodiac sign is linked to one of the twelve astrological houses and for Sagittarius that’s the 9th House. Keywords for the 9th House are higher mind, higher education, philosophy, foreign travel, trade/import/export, religion, ethics and mental expansion. Looking over the keywords associated with the sign and the 9th astrological house which ones speak to you. Are there any keywords that describe your life and circumstances right now? If you’ve been feeling down or stuck in a rut recently the enthusiasm and inspiration of a new moon in Sagittarius can shake things up and get you moving. Sagittarius is the ultimate “power of positive thinking” sign. Planning a trip can be another way to get out of a rut and shake things up.

The Elements and the New Moon in Sagittarius: Each astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water. Sagittarius belongs to the fire trigon meaning this is a sign associated with passion, boldness, enthusiasm and excitement. There is a restless energy to the fire signs along with a flair for the dramatic and theatrical. Sagittarius like fellow fire sign Aries can be a thrill-seeker. When we think of having “drama” in our lives we tend to think of it in a negative way but sometimes we need a little shot of drama and theater to get things moving. We’re not talking about cheap, B-grade drama like stirring up gossip, we’re talking about a high end drama. A spiritual awakening or an “a-ha” moment in therapy are examples of good drama.

Jupiter and the New Moon in Sagittarius: Each zodiac sign has a planetary ruler and for Sagittarius that planet is Jupiter; sometimes called the “Cosmic Santa Claus” because of its ability to bestow blessings and good fortune on us. Jupiter is currently transiting the sign of Taurus until May 26 2024. Jupiter went retrograde on September 4 2023 and will go direct this month on December 30. As mentioned above Jupiter is linked to blessings and good luck while Taurus is associated with money and possessions. This year most everyone has been feeling the financial pinch of inflation. Hopefully, as Jupiter goes direct on the 30th we’ll start to feel some financial relief. Jupiter loves to gamble but the earthy sign of Taurus likes to play it safe so our financial situation improves through calculated risks. 

Modalities and the New Moon in Sagittarius: Another way of grouping the astrological signs is by modality. The modality of a sign gives you further information about the nature and attitude of a sign. There are three modalities; cardinal, fixed or mutable. Sagittarius belongs to the mutable modality meaning this is a sign that leans toward the flexible and adaptable. If you’ve hit a dead-end in your life the energy of the new moon in Sagittarius says be willing to look for a solution. If you try a solution and it doesn’t work try another one; in other words become willing to be flexible, be willing to try something new. Become willing to look at your life from a different angle.

Crystals and the New Moon in Sagittarius: Topaz would be a good choice for this new moon. According to crystal guru Judy Hall, topaz provides abundant energy and promotes trust in the Universe.

Garnet is another stone that vibes well with the new moon in Sagittarius. Garnet helps us recognize the places in our lives where we self-sabotage and resist change.

Ruby is another good stone because of its ability to assist us in renewing passion for our lives.

December 11, 2023