The moon is on her way to being new this Saturday, August 27 in the earthy sign of Virgo at 3:17am CST.  New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the exact same sign at the exact same degree; this is known as a conjunction in astrology.  For this particular lunation the sun and moon will both be at 4 degrees Virgo.  New moons are like a cosmic reset, a time for new beginnings.  This is the perfect time each month to set new intentions or make wishes.  

Virgo Season

Since the sun and moon are in Virgo let’s take a look at some keywords associated with this sixth sign of the zodiac; analysis, perfectionism, modesty, responsibility, criticism, productivity, service, organization, industriousness, virtue, virginity, moderation, precision.  As you can see from Virgo’s keywords this is a grounded sign associated with work, busyness and getting the job done. Sorting, organizing and filing are also linked to Virgo.  

Zodiac Element: Earth

Each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water and Virgo belongs to the earth element.  Being an earth sign means Virgo places emphasis on the practical and the useful.  Not one for endless theorizing Virgo wants tangible results.  At its most simplistic level, the new moon in Virgo puts us in a security-conscious frame of mind; we need to have a clear vision of what we want.  If our visions and ideas are a bit outlandish or unattainable at the moment, the new moon in Virgo brings us back down to earth.  This is the ideal time to write down at least one practical step you can take right now to “get the ball rolling”.  Virgo isn’t a sign about grand, dramatic gestures; Virgo understands the power in practicality and simplicity.  In order to build a house you have to start with the foundation.  As mentioned earlier organization is a keyword associated with the Virgin so if everything around you is jumbled and cluttered the new moon in Virgo says get yourself organized.  

Zodiac House: 6th House

Each astrological sign is associated with one of the twelve houses and for Virgo that’s the 6th House.  This is the angle in our chart that rules our everyday work environment, our routines, health, service and small pets.  If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, pushing yourself too hard or expecting perfection from yourself, now is the time to give yourself a break otherwise you could get sick.  A new moon in Virgo is the perfect time to start taking care of yourself by changing your diet and exercising.  How are you managing your life right now?  What are your duties and responsibilities?  Have you been taking on other’s duties and obligations? If so it may be time to hand those duties back to the appropriate people.  

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Each astrological sign has a ruling planet and for Virgo that planet is Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods.  Mercury is the planet associated with communication, learning and the mind.  Both Virgo and Mercury are energies that can help us detect what isn’t working in a situation and aid us in self-improvement and becoming more efficient with our time.  On the flip side we do need to be cautious about Virgo’s shadow which is perfectionism.  As we notice things about ourselves we’d like to change we have to be careful that we don’t pick ourselves apart.  During a new moon in Virgo we may need to remind ourselves our goal isn’t perfection but a willingness to change.  If we aren’t careful we can fall into harsh self-criticism.  The focus is on self-improvement.  Mercury’s rulership can also lead to analysis-paralysis meaning we can exhaust ourselves by over analyzing a situation or decision.  We also have to consider the difficult aspect that’s being made during this lunation.  Mars, the warrior planet, will be square this new moon so our analysis-paralysis could lead to an all-out meltdown.  Mars square the new moon can also manifest as dramatic emotionalism, irritation and picking needless fights.  

Crystals, Stone & the new moon in Virgo

Here are some crystals that would vibe really well with the new moon in Virgo:

  • Carnelian is great for increasing physical energy.
  • Bloodstone is a great detoxifying stone.
  • Amethyst is good for assisting us with addictions and promoting a sense of serenity.
  • Citrine is the law of attraction stone that can assist us in attracting abundance or a new job. 
  • Lepidolite is a great stone for issues related to stress, anxiety or depression.  

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August 26, 2022 — Denise Welling