At the shop, people often come in looking for stones to help with intuition. They are looking to strengthen their intuition, connect to their intuition, heal their intuition, etc. Intuition- It’s an important and widely circulated word in the Spiritual, Metaphysical, Witchy and New Age communities. You will often hear people say, “trust your intuition” or “just follow your intuition.” For newcomers to the community, that can be a vague statement. It’s not really a tangible idea, and for that matter, how can stones “help”? 

What is Intuition?

There is sometimes confusion about intuition vs instinct. In psychological terms, instinct is for survival. When we are faced with danger, our instincts kick in about whether we fight, flee, or freeze. Intuition is a little different. The two are linked in that they are a form of self protection and preservation. 

According to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a Jungian analyst, cuentadora, and author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, “ is defined as truly the soul-voice speaking. Intuition senses the direction to go in for most benefit. It is self-preserving, has a grasp of underlying motive and intention, and it chooses what will cause the least amount of fragmenting in the psyche.” 

While instinct has to do with the brain and survival, Intuition has to do with the Higher Self, it is basically the voice of the soul. The energetic knowing, the seer, the part of you that is able to go beyond the noise of the brain. 

Honing and strengthening intuition can take practice. Yes, there are people who are naturally intuitive. This skill comes to them easily, but for many, it takes time and experience and practice. Many intuitives and mediums will say that it’s like muscle memory. The more you work with and listen to your intuition, the clearer and stronger it will become. Working with the crystals listed below, can help you to strengthen your intuitive channel. Keep in mind, the stones will not do the work for you. They will lend their assistance on your journey, but it is you who acts, who speaks, listens, and sees. The stone doesn’t make you do it.

Moonstone & Selenite

Both Moonstone and Selenite have Lunar Energy, which means that they are associated with and correspond to the Moon. The moon, in both symbolism and folklore, is deeply steeped with intuition. It is also connected to water and to cycles.. Each month the moon travels through the cycles of Life/Death/Rebirth. From New to Waxing to Full Moon to Waning to New again. It is a cycle of growth and release. 

Moonstone and Selenite, help us to connect to our intuition during times of the unknown. At night, especially away from the bright lights, we cannot see very well. Everything looks different. We must move slower than we do in the daytime, relying on our other senses. Moonstone and Selenite help us to connect to the other senses to maneuver through the world, particularly the 6th sense and second sight. They also help to connect us to the Divine Feminine and Her guidance. When we make these connections and move slowly through the world, that allows our Higher Self, our Soul Voice, our Intuition to be felt and heard. 

Aquamarine & Iolite 

Aquamarine and Iolite are two crystals that can facilitate intuition through navigation of our emotions and fears.  When we get stuck in an emotion or fear, it creates a blockage in the heart space and throughout the other chakras. What does emotions and fear have to do with intuition? Everything. 

Think of a time that you (or someone you know) may have been really angry that you could not hear the person trying to talk to you, or maybe a time that you were so grief stricken that you couldn’t stop sobbing. Some people have fear of feeling these messy emotions. They are also afraid to dig deep into the psyche and find out why they are stuck in certain patterns. They are afraid of naming the root of these blockages. This is understandable. It’s scary, it’s messy, and frankly- people have things to do. During those times, it’s especially difficult to listen to our Soul Voice or Intuition. When we are blocked off, by fear or by overwhelming emotion, we cannot sense that voice. That’s where these two stones can help.  

Aquamarine allows us to get past the chatter of the brain and move into the heart of the emotions. Its element is water. Symbolically, Water is intuition and emotion. Aquamarine helps with truthful communication with oneself and others. It allows us to swim with soft courage in the waters of our hearts, so that we can feel what’s really there. After that, it allows us to release those emotions, heartache, fear etc, into the ocean (metaphorically speaking) where it will travel out with the tide. It helps with letting go. When we can do that, our intuitive channel will be open and clear.

Iolite’s element is air, which has to do with the mind, receiving messages, thoughts, communication and intuition (much like the suit of swords in the tarot). This is a stone of the mind, but it also is associated with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. Where Aquamarine allows you to swim in the emotional self, Iolite helps us to navigate it. The Vikings used Iolite as a sort of compass. If it was a cloudy day, it was difficult to navigate the open seas, but when they held Iolite up to the sky, it was translucent enough to help them determine the position of the sun. Iolite helps us in moving past distractions and obstacles so that we can “see” clearly. It helps us when we face our fears and release them back into the waters or the winds, we are able to sense the world around us differently and walk through life intuitively.

Celestite & Labradorite

Celestite helps us to connect to the Spirit World and the heavens. Its light blues remind us of the skies, which is often associated with the other side. It helps us to communicate clearly and to connect with Guardian Angels. It assists with recalling our dreams and tapping into our psychic selves. Celestite will also help you ascend into the higher realms, calling us to divine service. In the best of times and the worst of times, circumstances can sometimes get in the way of our intuition. This is a prayerful stone. It guides us to the courage of asking for assistance from a higher power. There are times when we feel that we cannot do it alone, but we have a fear of asking for help, particularly from the Divine. Sometimes all it takes is a Divine “leg up” to help strengthen our intuition.

Celestite guides us to the heavens and Labradorite helps us to find stillness here on earth. The brilliant flash (known as Labradoresence) is a reminder of the bright light in each of us. This represents knowing, creativity, hope, and love. We live in a busy world, with social media, crazy work schedules, family, friends etc., we can get pulled into the chaos of the world around us. Labradorite offers a protective and quiet space within to find stillness, so that we can access the “light”. This stone is of the High Priestess in tarot. Many intuitives and mediums say that meditation helps to strengthen your intuitive channel. There are plenty of people who feel that they can’t meditate, because of lack of time or focus. Labradorite helps us to commit to find the time. It also assists our mind to be focused and still. It also offers the protection of psychic shielding as well, which is useful for those who are developing their intuitive skills. 

Super Seven & Obsidian

Super 7, also known as the “Melody Stone”, is a powerful combination of seven stones. It is made up of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Geothite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz.  Its vibration can be a little intense, but if you are looking to strengthen your intuition, this stone is a sensational companion. These minerals come together and help you to open up to the world of intuitive spirit. It is a stone of spiritual awakening that stimulates the psychic senses and helps to clear the chakras. Be prepared, spiritual awakening is not all rainbows and sunshine. Part of healing and awakening is facing your truth and your fears. It allows things that are buried deep beneath the surface to come forward, whether they be memories, habits, thought, behaviors etc. When we do not acknowledge and release these things, it is difficult to connect with your intuition. Super Seven will assist you in seeing what is holding you back. It is said that when you have become attuned to this stone, a spirit guide will find its way to you. 

You’ve probably guessed by now, that part of strengthening intuition requires both psychological and spiritual work. There is so much that can hold us back from being our best selves with a clear intuitive channel. It is absolutely essential to face our truths, acknowledge fears, and heal our wounds. Our final stone for this blog is Obsidian. This stone is a must in any collection. In a nutshell it's protective, grounding, reflective, and prophetic. Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, states, “Its truth enhancing, reflective qualities are merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses, and blockages. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian.”

Those who have experienced meditative or therapy sessions that have gone deep in facing the truth and naming wounds, know that the aftermath can leave you feeling raw and extremely sensitive. Yes, facing these things are great for your overall health, but it can be difficult. Obsidian is a stone that can hold space for you while you go through experiences like that. Even a small piece of Obsidian can provide stable grounding or a tether to the earth. Like Labradorite, it also provides a psychic shield, which can create an emotional safe space as you unearth the artifacts of the psyche. In regards to the intuitive channel itself, Obsidian is famous for its psychic and prophetic uses. Historically, some of the first “mirrors” were made of polished obsidian. The famous 16th century French astrologer and “seer”, Nostradamus is said to have made his predictions using a “black mirror.” Many have claimed it was made of Obsidian. “Black Mirrors”, especially those made from Obsidian, are tools for scrying (a form of divination that allows one to “see” what is to come), they can also be used for astral travel, past life regression, or contacting the spirit world.

Final Thoughts

Rebecca Rosen, a psychic medium, wrote a book titled, Spirited: Unlock Your Psychic Self and Change Your Life. Regarding intuition, she describes it like this, “It’s within you and belongs to you, and at the same time, it’s linked to a collective wisdom….Our intuition helps us better navigate our world. The more in tune we are, the more inclined we are to make better choices for ourselves.” 

Your intuition is a gift. We all have it, but whether or not we can access it or hear it regularly is a different story. The stones we listed can certainly assist us and lend us their energy, however, it is us who must put in the work. We must take responsibility for ourselves, actions, wounds, mental health, and spiritual health. When we strengthen our intuition and make better choices for ourselves, we can show up differently in the world and be of service to others. We can find our soul’s purpose. Many blessings on your journey.


Kali is a spiritual crafter, artist, and educator. She has over a decade of experience teaching students from early childhood to adults in a variety of subjects. A life-long learner and a jack of all trades, Kali has been studying and working with Tarot since 2014. Her passions in life revolve around crafting with her hands (such as knitting, crochet, herb gardening, jewelry, and baking) and being of service to those on their own spiritual journey. Connect with her on Instagram at @serpentandspider.

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August 18, 2022 — Denise Welling