Our Taurus friends are born between April 20 and May 20. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus. This earthy element is also a fixed sign which can give them great stamina and focus to see things through. Taureans can be both gentle and fierce, stubborn and sensual, dependable, and affectionate. 

Taurus sun signs are very warm, sensual earthy beings who love their home and creature comforts. They are one of the easiest sun signs to buy a gift for as they love anything luxurious, sensual and homey. 

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for someone born under the Taurus sun sign, look no further. We’ve put together a list of gifts and gift ideas that are sure to please even the most discerning Taurus. 

Typical Taurus Personality Traits and Gifts to Bring out their Best attributes

They have strong values and crave luxury and security. 

If you want to make Taurus happy, go for quality - how does it feel and smell - like our sublime Baltic Amber 3-Wick Candle. Baltic Amber’s  fragrance is a sensual earthy blend of honeyed amber resin, velvety woods, sandalwood and vanilla. This brings out their sensual side and celebrates their flirty nature.

Taurus signs are naturally stable, even-keeled people, but have a tendency to get set in their ways. 

While the upside is their stability, the downside is their stubbornness. 

Give an Apple Clover Candle or Rose Macaron Candle to counteract Taurus’ tendency towards stubbornness. These sweet scents are influenced by Venus and her traits of beauty, devotion and sensuality. This will help Taurus become a bit more flexible and indulge in the  dreamy side of their personality. 

Taurus governs property and money, and they have a strong attachment to their things. 

Gifting them a book on the law of attraction or manifestation will cater to their need for security. Motivation Manifesto or Ask and It is Given are both great book for both male and female Taurus sun signs.

Food is important to Taurus as they love to cook and entertain. 

They don’t just like food - they live to eat! The Easy Vegan Home Cooking Cookbook will indulge this passion. 

Creature comforts are supremely important to Taurus.

They can chill on the couch for hours. Our faux Chinchilla Fur Cuddle Throw Blanket will keep them warm and cozy. Or indulge them with a lavender scented Rose Quartz Eye Pillow to use when they are in for some down time.

Flirting - this earthy element is really good at flirting.

And Taurus sun signs always make good company whether with friends or on a date. Dead Sexy Date Night Set for the ladies is a must gift for sensual Taurus while White Sage Cologne is a great earthy scent to wear that can ground any Taurus, male or female.

On the human body, Taurus rules the throat, and they can be prone to laryngitis and soreness. 

Gift them a specialty tea and mug to help soothe those tired and sore throats. The Stay Wild Moon Child Mug and Twilight Mint Tea Make a luxurious gift combo.

Pamper your favorite Taurus with a thoughtful gift for their solar return, and they'll happily share their cozy, high-vibe energy with you!

Need more Taurus gift ideas? Whether your loved one is into luxury items or down-to-earth experiences, we’ve got something for them. Be sure to check out our Taurus gift guide and find the perfect present today!>>>

April 21, 2022 — Denise Welling