Constellations Within Gut Restoration Brew

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Constellations Within was designed to soothe and nourish your digestive tract, bringing healing and peace with each delicious cup. Drink it day or night, hot or chilled.

A vibrant, restorative and distinctly intelligent brew distinguished by liberal use of beneficial herbs, flowers, and roots to bring profound healing to your inner sanctum.

This dynamic remedy supports digestion in a wide range of ways, relaxing and soothing irritated tissues, nourishing the organs, and feeding our microflora, helping them thrive and flourish. Incorporate his brew into your wellness ritual and partake often to optimize your gut, reducing unwanted discomfort.

+ Disperse stagnation
+ Relaxes spasms
+ Reduces gas and bloating
+ Stimulates healing of leaky gut
+ Relieves inflammation and irritation

Herbaceous brews raise our consciousness through nutritive botanicals, medicinal herbs, and pleasure pathways, creating a sense of whole being wellness.

Flavor & Aroma: Minty with earthy floral notes, followed by a subtle sweetness.

Ingredients: *Lemongrass, *Mint, *Calendula Flowers, *Chamomile Flowers, *Ginger Root, *Licorice Root, *Angelica, and *Burdock Root.

NO: Caffeine, fillers, or artificial flavors.

Lunar Logic, LLC takes great pride in sustainable practices and the creation of high quality, consciously crafted products. Their products are handmade in their Apothecary kitchen with certified organic herbs, and wild plants harvested in the local deserts of Southern Utah, wildcrafted with respect for every plant used. They do not use fillers, binders, or flow agents.

Loose Leaf Tea Pouch, 20 servings

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