Yin and Yang Dreamcatcher with Black and White Feathers


Catch dreams with this fun yin yang dreamcatcher!

Native American culture believe that the web form of the dreamcatcher protects the sleeper from bad dreams by "catching" them in the web, while letting good dreams pass through. 

The symbolism of Yin and Yang

The yin yang symbol represents duality, or the idea that two opposite characteristics can co-exist in harmony. The dark and the light compliment each other. In fact, one can not exist with out the other. Yin Yang symbolized the interconnectedness of the world. There is no positive with out a negative.

How to Use Your Dreamcatcher

Place this wall hanging above your bed in the traditional position for a dream catcher or place this in a room where you are seeking harmony and balance.

Details and Dimensions

Approx. 6.5" x 12" x 2"

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