Aquarius Zodiac Bundle

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Show your favorite Aquarians some love with this bundle of unique, idealistic tools. to promote Aquarius’s knack for positivity and innovative thinking.

Cosmos Notebook: This hopeful journal serves as a space to evaluate, invent, and explore your wildest dreams, innovative stories, and progressive ideals. 

Quartz Point (2): Quartz is often considered a prism of pure Light, which is why it makes a wonderful amplifier, healer, and teacher. Quartz points will help to open the mind and heart to the Earth’s ancient wisdom and Universal truth. It is also commonly used to amplify whatever energy or intention with which it is programmed. Allow these high-vibe crystal points to direct Aquarius’s independent thinking and progressive views into tangible reality.

Amethyst Tumble: The gentle, calming energy of Amethyst relieves stress and increases feelings of peace and tranquility. This energy works well with Aquarius whose humanitarian heart appreciates the sweet reminder to relax. Amethyst is often used for deep inner healing with the power to enhance intuition and Divine connection. This lovely purple stone assists us in dream work, intuition and psychic development, and raising consciousness. 

Aquarius Astrological Mist: The Water Bearer. I KNOW. January 21 - February 19. Fixed Air Sign. Ruling Planet: Uranus. Honest, Humanitarian, Imaginative, Optimistic. 

This intuitively-created blend of aromatic essential oils and Holy Water is designed to enhance your energy and environment with the collectively aware and openly giving energy of Aquarius.

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