Heart of Feng Shui... Simply Put

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The Heart of Feng Shui... Simply Put takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, learning how to reduce stress is living a heart-filled abundant life.

For some, Feng Shui is a complex body of knowledge sometimes referred to as the art of placement. Anita Adrain simplifies the science and presents a new view of Feng Shui as 'simply the study of energy'-an energy system that you already practice instinctively. You just haven't been taught how to recognize and use it until now.

A gentle and expert guide, she has created a format whereby readers participate in the practical principles that lead them to a deeper understanding of why there is 'no-thing' that they are not connected to energetically-including the intimate space of the home.

Readers will discover a unique version of the Yin Yang symbol, energetic heart codes, wisdom from our Ancestors, and locate many other gems through clues and there is even a Treasure Map. All of these support raising awareness and consciousness, increasing personal frequency, and intentionally living a heart-felt life.

This book is purposely designed to engage the reader in a style that enables them to awaken the genius within. Through note-making, and by answering questions, readers become active contributors, thereby discovering more about themselves and the profound impact the environment plays in living a healthy, holistic, abundant existence.

By the time readers have completed this compact book they will have made an energetic shift, gaining a new awareness of the mind, body, spirit connection.

About the Author

Anita Adrian's passion is teaching the heartfelt approach to living a Feng Shui lifestyle, empowering others to achieve amazing results in all aspects of their lives.