Blessed be and Merry Meet! With the Autumnal Equinox approaching and our descent into the dark or resting half of the year, this is a fantastic time for going inward and developing our intuition. For this blog, we are going to dive into a tarot spread that I like to call, A Visit to the Oracle. Intuition is something that is discussed regularly at the shop among staff and community alike. It is a key component of our spiritual path and day to day life. 

Here’s the key thing you need to know: EVERYONE has intuition. 

Whether they listen to it, or can connect with it, well that’s another story. You may have heard yourself or someone say something along the lines of “I knew I should have listened to my intuition…” when something goes wrong in life. That’s the thing. Intuition often gets ignored. 

Why? That question is for each person to answer for themselves, but it can be because of stress, self-doubt, trauma, overloaded schedules, thinking too much, fear….this list could go on for a while, but we will stop it there.


What is Intuition? 

Good question. In the words of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, “…it is truly the soul speaking voice.” It is the voice of our Higher Self. It is protective and helps us to know where to go and what to do on this path that we call life. Strengthening your intuition is necessary, not only surviving, but living a soul centered life. So how do we strengthen our intuition?

There are lots of ways and plenty of books, mediums, workshops etc. that can help answer this question. In my personal journey, it comes with practice, breathing, and stillness. How I work to strengthen my intuition can look different from someone else’s methods, and that’s okay. The tarot spread that we will be working with is meant to provide insight into the world of your intuition. 

This spread is a bit of a spirit journey meditation. In the section titledA Breakdown of the Spread”, I have built a small story around it, where you are visiting the Oracle (The High Priestess) with the intention of strengthening your intuition, to be able to “see without seeing.” This is meant to be what we in the DnD world call, “Theatre of the Mind.” Using a visualization like this can be helpful for any reading. It is important to read through the breakdown section a few times so that you can expect what is coming and you’re not having to fumble with going back and forth between the cards and written explanation as you are interpreting the spread. 


Items Needed for this Reading

Recording Device

I highly recommend using a recording device while working with this spread. The point of it is not only to reveal what can strengthen your intuition, but it is also a practice/exercise in the use of intuition. Sometimes when inspiration comes to us in the moment, it can leave you in a split second. You might try to recall exactly what you had just said, but it won’t return. Utilizing a recording will take that worry off your plate. While you interpret this spread, imagine that your Higher Self is doing the reading for you and that your earthly self is the one in the querent’s seat. Recording the reading will also assist with processing and recall after time passes. This is the time to step out of your mind and let your spirit speak. You can use a recording app or even just the video recorder on your smartphone. Let the messages come through you organically. The visual of the spread is listed below along with a breakdown of each component, as well as a quick reference guide. 

Tarot Deck, Oracle Deck, and/or Rune Set

Truthfully, all you need is one tarot deck. Some of us, myself included, like to incorporate Oracle Cards and Runes into readings. It helps to broaden the perspective and add nuance to the interpretation. The Gifts  section of the spread, is where the oracle cards or runes can come into play. You don’t have to use them if you don’t feel called to do that. This is simply a heads up that you could use a different medium for that section.  


In portions of the breakdown, you will see that there is a part where an offering is required. This is out of respect for your intuitive voice, The Oracle, the Guardians that come forward, and the messages you receive. It can be a tangible offering if you want, but it can also be offered in your mind’s eye. Think about what kind of offering you would like to bring to the Council of Spirits. The High Priestess receives a pomegranate for her service, but you could easily bring her something else that may be more meaningful to you.  

Grounding Items

With tarot, intuition, and visualization, it is possible to go really deep within. Before beginning, it would be a good idea to have items near you that will help you ground and come back to your body/earth. Obsidian, Jasper, Clear Quartz, or Black Tourmaline are a few stones that you can use for this. If you don’t have items with you, there are other methods. Maybe you have a special song that calls you back home. You could also go barefoot outside in the grass or find a tree to be with. Food is also helpful. The act of chewing and eating is quite grounding. Whatever it is that helps you ground, use that. 


The Layout: A Visit to the Oracle



A Breakdown of the Spread

The High Priestess

This is the second card of the Major Arcana. Sometimes it is referred to as the second “door.” The Fool (The Hero) is on a soul journey and each card of the Major Arcana is a sort of “door” that The Fool opens, each with a lesson to teach and something to experience.

The High Priestess is initiated into the mysteries beyond the veil. Her intuition is strong, she is connected to The Moon, its cycles, water, and the world of the spirit. She asks us to forget all we “know” or “think we know” and to step outside of our mind (thinking brain). When we seek answers from the other side, She is the Oracle. She will perform the ritual that will connect us to our Council of Spirits and will channel their wisdom and guidance. In the spread, she is considered a fixed card, meaning Her position isn’t meant to be interpreted as part of the reading, but rather as an energy that is helping to facilitate the reading. 

The Moon

The Moon, in Her Divine nature, calls every living creature to her cycles of waxing, fullness, and waning. She is the Mother of Intuition, She teaches us perspective and how to see without seeing, testing us every month. It is The Moon that the High Priestess calls upon, to bring the gentle lunar light, filled with its magic, energy, and power. It shines on the scrying pool and wakes the Council of Spirits. The Moon Card, like the High Priestess, is a fixed card in this spread. 


The Cards of the Self

The High Priestess draws down the Moon for the ritual of the Oracle, you are called to the center of the Sacred Circle. Before summoning the Council of Spirits, The High Priestess looks beyond your eyes and into your heart, She sees your truths. Two forms of yourself step out to the either side of your body. You are called to acknowledge these forms and own your truth, because the Council of Spirits will accept nothing less. 

Your Current Self (Position 1): This is your current state of being as you enter the reading; however you are feeling and what you are going through will be revealed with this card. There is nowhere to hide in this circle of magick. Don’t worry, if the card is not favorable, it’s not forever. Whether you change or grow is entirely up to you. Think of it like looking into a mirror of truth.

What holds You Back (Position 2): You come to this ceremony to strengthen your intuitive voice so that you can walk in sacred service and live in your Highest and Best. When our intuition isn’t coming in loud and clear, that can indicate a full or partial blockage. This can be unresolved issues on a psychological, spiritual, or physical basis. It can speak also speak of your fears. Pay close attention to this card because, it is when this part of ourselves is addressed and healed, is when our intuitive channel will open more. The Council of Spirits will help you dive deeper into this. 

What Keeps You Grounded (Position 3): If we must acknowledge what holds us back, it is only fair to acknowledge what we are doing right. Regarding our intuition, this card shows us what keeps us grounded and strengthens our intuitive channel. This is something that is already a part of our spiritual practice or way of life. 

The High Priestess calls for you to bring forth an offering for the Council of Spirits. 

**This offering can be given in your mind’s eye or you can have a tangible one with you as before you lay out the cards for the Council. The choice is yours, but always bring an offering as a sign of respect for the Spirits who come forward, their knowledge, and gifts.**


The Council of Spirits

The Summoning has begun, The High Priestess seems to shine with the golden light of a Full Moon. There are galaxies in her eyes as The Council of Spirits comes forward as 3, to guide you and speak to you. Take note of what you hear and any emotions that arise as they come forward. These spirits are a type of “Guardian”, they are here to help you achieve your highest and best, so that you may live in your unique sacred service. Each Spirit brings an energy within themselves, a message, and a gift.  

The High Elder (Position 4): This Spirit is the most ancient and wise of the 3. They can see into the depths of your soul and reveal truths. On occasion, they will foretell the future, but only if it is necessary for you to know. They remind you that the future is not fixed, you have the power to change it.  

 The High Elder’s Message (Position 7):   This card concerns where you are succeeding, what you are really good at in this life, and what you need to recognize and own in terms of your self-power and confidence (this does not refer to or concern the ego, but a truthful acknowledgement of our gifts). 

The High Elder’s Gift (Position 12): They bring the gift of Evolution. What you draw here indicates a method in which you can continue to strengthen your gifts and evolve them to the next level. (In the picture of the spread, you will see it as a small circle over the card of the Current Self. In my original reading, this is where I used the Runes.)

 The Keeper of Trials (Position 5): This Spirit concerns themselves with your fears and contractions, mistakes, and failures. They are keeper of the things that must be brough into the light, whether we want to face them or not. In their domain, you must have courage to face these aspects so that you can grow and hear your own divine voice.

The Keeper of Trials’ Message (Position 8):  Their message shows how you can take the fears and trials and transform them into something useful. Facing these aspects, you will assist in finding the root of your issues, (particularly pertaining to “what holds you back” -position 2) and naming them so that you can begin the healing process. 

The Keeper of Trials’ Gift (Position 10): Their gift is something that will assist in how you can approach your own trials, especially when you’re in the thick of it. Call on this gift when you are afraid or when you know will be facing something challenging. 

**This reading in general, but especially this section, is not meant to be used in place of psychological therapy or counseling. It is important to note that when we are bold enough to face the roots of our fears and trials, a lot of emotions can arise in the aftermath of the reading. Be gentle with yourself. Please seek outside professional help if necessary**

The Ancestor (Position 6): This Spirit is the Keeper of Ancestral Wisdom. This being can be an Ancestor of blood, time, or place (for a deeper explanation of what that means, consult Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future by Nancy Hendrickson). It could also be a Guardian Angel, Spirit Animal, family member or friend who has passed away in your lifetime. They are here to help guide you on your path. 

The Ancestor’s Message (Position 9): With Their message, they send the signs and signals in many forms and will let you know when you are on the right path. They also assist us in practicing intuitive observation and the art of receiving. 

The Ancestor’s Gift (Position 11): This is a gift that can help you ground after walking through the intuitive/spirit realm. It can also provide protection and shielding in your day to day waking life. 


Closing the Circle

With the final gift, the Council of Spirits bids you farewell and to go in peace. Take this time to bow and offer verbal thanks for their guidance, as well as taking the time to come forward. Let these words come from your heart. The High Priestess has come back to herself once again. She places her hands over your head and prays over you. What she says, is not for you to hear, but you know it is something special, a blessing. Before you part ways, you lay a pomegranate in her hands and bow as you say thank you. 

**The offering of the pomegranate can also be in your mind’s eye. Similar to the offering.**  

Final Thoughts

There is so much to be gained from this spread and its visualization. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you walk through life. There may be some things that come up for you that could possibly be triggering. Use your own knowing and seek out professional counsel if needed. 

In the days and months after your interpretation of this spread, pay close attention to your dreams, numbers, songs, words, insects, animals etc. especially those that are recurring or have a special meaning to you. It would also be helpful to go back and listen to the recording and write down the order of the cards/main points in a journal. 

I hope you find this helpful and that you continue to grow each day. If you feel like you need another perspective or help with this spread, I am available on Mondays for readings at the shop. It is my hope, though, that you trust your own divine voice and what comes up for you. 

Many blessings to you and your spirit as you move through your intuitive journey. May you be divinely guided. May you prosper and thrive in the ways of the Soul. Blessed Be. Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again. 

Kali is a spiritual crafter, artist, and educator. She has over a decade of experience teaching students from early childhood to adults in a variety of subjects. A life-long learner and a jack of all trades, Kali has been studying and working with Tarot since 2014. Her passions in life revolve around crafting with her hands (such as knitting, crochet, herb gardening, jewelry, and baking) and being of service to those on their own spiritual journey. Connect with her on Instagram at @serpentandspider.

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September 19, 2022